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Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Santa Cruz Biotechnology now offers over 140.953 specialty biochemicals under ChemCruz™ brand

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Linea Atelogene: Transfezione in-vivo di siRNA e miRNA

Sconto 20% fino al 31/07/16

Features and Advantages

  • Immediate administration to experimental animals;
  • Efficient in vivo transfection of siRNA;
  • Preventing RNAi degradation;
  • No toxicity and high biological compatibility;
  • Two versions: for local administration (AteloGene® Local Use- Quick Gelation format available) or systemic administration by injection to the tail vein (AteloGene® Systemic Use).
Description Cat. No. Size
AteloGene® Local Use
(local somministration)
KOU-1392 1 KIT
AteloGene® Systemic Use
(sistemic somministration)
KOU-1393 1 KIT
AteloGene® Local Use Quick Gelatin
(local somministration, rapider gelation)
KOU-1492 1 KIT

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Cloud Clone-USCN

DBA ITALIA è ora UNICO distributore italiano di:


CLOUD CLONE: Oltre 5000 ELISA per Human, Beast, Avian, Plant, Food nutrition; 9000 Proteine;

7000 Anticorpi.

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MP Biomedicals

Prezzo promozionale per FastPrep-24TM 5G fino al 30/09/2016

Please check here the application notes for the main research segments for FASTPREP
  • Environmental
  • Plant
  • Forensics
  • Health
  • Food testing

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Cytokines and Recombinant proteins, highest quality products for: Immunoregulatory Proteins, Interleukins, CSFs, Growth Factors, Chemokines, Interferons, Adipokines, TGFß / BMP Proteins, Neurotrophins, FGFs, TNF Ligands/ Receptors, Defensins, Polyclonal Antibodies, Biotinylated Antibodies, Monoclonal Antibodies, ELISA Kits

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Our printed catalog has been rewritten and reorganized to be a helpful reference guide as well as a listing of our products which include :

  • biotin/avidin reagents
  • ImmPRESS detection systems and substrates
  • primary antibodies
  • DNA/RNA labeling and detection systems
  • fluorescence detection reagents
  • VECTASHIELD Mounting Media,
  • neural tracing reagents
  • epitope tag and recombinant protein reagents
  • lectin/ glycobiology reagents.

Charts, tables, photomicrographs, and flow diagrams are also provided to help the investigator choose the best detection strategy for a given application.
You may preview or download a copy (5.2 MB).

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SERVICE di SINTESI e di ANALISI dei vostri campioni


Oltre 5000 peptidi in catalogo di cui più di 200 rari ed esclusivi, la + ampia selezione di peptidi per lo studio di malattie neurodegenerative, substrati per kinase, phosphatase e phoshopeptidi, FRET e fluorescent peptides.


SignalChem’s compound selectivity profiling service utilizes a large and diverse panel of highly active protein kinase and phosphatase targets that are produced internally. SignalChem’s active targets are subjected to rigorous quality control analyses and are extensively assayed against a panel of biologically relevant substrates ensuring that all reactions are performed under optimal assay conditions


Service per analisi riproducibili e quantitative di biomarkers con multiplexed immunoassay: pannelli completi di analisi a partire da 40 uL di campione (siero, plasma, urine, omogenato tissutale, fluidi biologici in genere) per analizzare sino a 189 proteine (human discovery map panel ) o pannelli più ridotti a seconda del pathway di vostro interesse. ( Human , Mouse & rat )

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US Biomax Inc.

  • Tissue Arrays
  • Antibody Arrays
  • Tissue Bank
  • Paraffin and Frozen tissue sections
  • Protein Arrays
  • Antibodies

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more than 5000 catalog peptides, custom synthesis
world's largest selection of amyloid-related peptides
world's largest selection of kinase/phosphatase substrates
world's largest selection of FRET peptides
world's largest selection of fluorescent peptides
labeling Dyes HiLyteFluor and HiLytePlus
FRET assay kits

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