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SP clone antibodies for Macrophage & Neutrophil


Are you looking for a good antibody for staining macrophages or neutrophils? Try arigo’s rabbit monoclonal antibodies.





Macrophage markers





Neutrophil markers





Antibody Panels



Inflammatory Cell Antibody Panels 

Human (ARG30325) & Mouse (ARG30326)

Ideal for labeling inflammatory cells in tissues


* Includes neutrophil marker MPO or Ly6G/Ly6C antibody
* Includes
macrophage marker CD68 or F4/80 antibody
* Includes
T cell marker CD3 antibody
* Includes
B cell marker CD20 or B220 antibody
* Outstanding
IHC performance





M1 / M2 / TAM Marker Antibody Panel (ARG30333)
Ideal for identifying M1, M2, and TAMs in tissues or cultured cells


* Includes M1 markers CD68 & iNOS antibodies
* Includes
M2/TAM markers CD163 & CD206 antibodies
* Excellent for studying
macrophage polarization
* Outstanding
IHC performance
* Good for
double staining



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