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New webinar: ‘Cytokines & Growth Factors: Why you should give a HEK’ – Register now

'Cytokines & Growth Factors: Why you should give a HEK'


Wednesday July 29, 2020



3.30pm BST / 4.30pm CEST
(30 min webinar)


In this talk, Fiona Bellot explains the advantages of manufacturing GMP-grade HumanKine cytokines and growth factors using HEK293 cells.

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GMP Grade HumanKine® Recombinant Proteins

The use of human expression system means HumanKine® proteins have native conformation and post translational modifications, making them ideal for use in human applications. 

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FGF Basic

Human cell-expressed recombinant FGF Basic-TS

Proteintech has developed a human cell-expressed thermostable FGF basic that supports a 2-day media change schedule, so no media changes are required over a weekend!

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