Essential Biochemicals for BIOPROCESSING

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Focus Biomolecules offers a broad portfolio of cutting-edge biochemicals with specific utility in
 bio-processing. Our bioprocessing agents will allow you to control cell selection, growth, and
 function which will maximize protein expression, yield, glycosylation, integrity and minimize
 degradation, both upstream and downstream. Key product groups include: 
Antibiotics &Antifungal,  Cofactors & Coenzymes, Apoptosis & Autophagy Modulators, Cell
growth modulators, Cell cycle modulators, Glycosylation inhibitors, Protease inhibitors, Protein
 expression modula tors, Ionophores, Selection & Amplification re- agents, Differentiation
agents, Stem Cell Effectors.

These products can be used to establish conditions during early stage assessment and
 upstream process development, to ensure optimization at every step. These include
  chemically defined medium design, feed/supplement selection, expression host
 selection, lead candidate production, process optimization, scaleup, and validation.

Below is just a selection of our bioprocessing chemicals. You won’t see these
 listed with other bio- processing suppliers, because these are on the cutting-edge
for controlling protein titer, post- translational modification, and other critical
 parameters. Ask us for our full product listing, which in- cludes our
 comprehensive offering of bioprocessing products along with literature
 references and other useful information.

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