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Rapid-Lenti HIV-1 p24 ELISA Kit (Single Wash) - Catalog XB-4000

XpressBio’s expert scientific team has developed the new Rapid-Lenti HIV-1 p24 ELISA Kit. The Rapid-Lenti kit cuts protocol time in half from 3 hours to as little as 90 minutes but eliminating tedious multiple wash steps. The single wash protocol is ideal for high throughput laboratories where time is essential.
Rapid-Lenti kit is reliable, easy to use, and readily available. 

Low Range Cas9 ELISA Assay - Catalog  Cas9-2000
The Low Range Cas9 ELISA Assay is used to monitor S. pyogenes Cas9 in cell culture lysate and is ideal for screening experimental samples utilizing the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing system. With a minimal detection level of 0.6ng/ml, this assay is ideal for use when sample size is limited, Cas9 expression in experimental samples is limited, and when testing for elimination of Cas9 in experimental samples.

AAV2 ELISA Assay - Catalog XBAAV2-1000

AAV2 ELISA Assay can be used to measure titrations for AAV2 - including AAV2 wildtype virions, assembled/intact empty AAV2 capsids, and recombinant virions. 

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