Cosmo Bio's Bone Resorption Activity Assay Kit is a multiwell solution for culture, differentiation and quantitative evaluation of bone resorption activity of osteoclasts.
The assay reports the fluorescence signal arising from the accumulation of fluoresceinamine-labeled chondroitin sulfate released from plate-bound calcium phosphate (carbonate apatite) into culture well media.

In this assay, fluorescienated chondroitin sulfate (a polyanion) bound to calcium phosphate coated cell culture wells releases to the culture supernatant in proportion to osteoclast resorption activity. Measurement of resorption activity is as simple as reading the fluorescence of a supernatant sample*.

* culture media without Phenol Red is recommended for optimal results

 Available in 24-, 48-, and new 96-well and 96-stripwell plates. Calcium phosphate coated plates and other assay components are also available separately.


Bone Resorption Assay Flyer

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