DBA ITALIA supports your organoid cultures with an extensive line of products.

Target Activity (EC50) Source Model Organoid
BMP4 1.5-9 ng/mL HEK293 Hippocampal-Choroid Plexus
EGF Active HEK293 Cortical
FGFb 0.05-0.4 ng/mL HEK293

Cortical, Cerebellar

FGF8 ≤ 10 ng/mL HEK293 Midbrain
GDNF ≤ 10 ng/mL HEK293 Midbrain, Hypothalamus, Forebrain
SHH ≤ 350 ng/mL HEK293 Midbrain
TGF ≤ 0.5 ng/mL HEK293

Midbrain, Hypothalamus, Forebrain

WNT3A 2-17 ng/mL HEK293 Midbrain, Hypothalamus, Forebrain

Why Choose HumanKine Cytokines & Growth Factors?

  1. Protein is expressed in stable HEK293 systems with optimized yields
  2. Safety, efficacy, and lot to lot consistency for therapeutic manufacturing
  3. Robust scalability from preclinical to clinical and commercial quantities
  4. Seamless transition from research to GMP grade

Discover HumanKine Research Grade and GMP-grade Cytokines and Growth Factors

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Revenge of the organoids!

MedChemExpress Organoid Related Products


Recombinant Proteins:

Tumor organoid medium and Normal Tissue organoid Medium 

MCE Basement Membrane Matrix is natural basement membrane matrix
extracted from mouse tumors and is composed mainly of various growth factors and
extracellular matrix components. Suitable for studies of tumor invasion, angiogenesis, and organoid culture.

ACROBiosystems provides ActiveMax® cytokines, including EGF,
Noggin, R-Spondin 1, FGF10, FGF2, and Activin A. These products are suitable as growth factors for
organoid culture that have been verified to promote organoid growth.

AC-M082755 Matrigengel Matrix Organoid Culture for robust, reproducible culturing
of hard-to-culture organoids including mouse
intestinal, lung, and human brain organoids.

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