Large-Scale Validated Antibodies for Immunohistochemistry

The key to successful IHC is: Know your antibody!

MS Validated Antibodies offers:

Extensive validation process on tissues

Extremely sophisticated product selection (only 130 approved products out of 4000 candidates)

Protocol recommendations

Documented performance characteristics of many antibodies in studies involving more than 10,000 tumors

Why is antibody validation different for antibodies in formalin fixed immunohistochemistry?

Formalin fixation exerts a profound impact on the three-dimensional structure of proteins and the accessibility of epitopes.

Because formalin changes the proteins, traditional methods for evaluating antibodies on
unfixed "perfect" proteins (WB, ELISA, protein microarrays) will not distinguish good and bad antibodies for IHC.

MS Validated Antibodies Specificity

Large Scale Studies Publications with MSVA Antibodies on >10.000 tumors

Further Publications

 Normal Tissue Gallery

Cancer Tissue Gallery

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