ECL Substrates in TABLETS

Compact and light, with sustainable use of water and no possible contaminations, WESTAR-ECO is the new, innovative single-use tab format
for ECL for Western blotting designed to match the aim for ecological, responsible technology.

The WESTAR-ECO concept allows sensible reductions in the use of paper, plastics, and kit total weight and volume compared to the standard
liquid formulation, with a correlated decrease in CO2 emissions in the kit distribution:


WESTAR-ECO SUPER XLS310,020 20rxn (equivalent to 100mL)

WESTAR-ECO SUPER is an ultra-sensitive substrate with an outstanding signal intensity,
low background and stable light output at the low-femtogram level.The kit is sized for twenty single uses: one tablet of formulation A and
one of formulation B dissolved in 5 millilitres of pure water are valid for a 50 cm2 membrane.

Dissolving takes less than fifteen minutes and can be carried out while secondary antibodies are incubated.
WESTAR-ECO SUPER exhibits top-level performance for the most challenging Western blotting application.
With its very high signal-to-noise, this substrate is capable of detecting very low amounts of protein.

Technical Features

Figure 1. Western blotting detection of HDAC-1 on HeLa cell lysate with WESTAR-ECO SUPER and other
chemiluminescent reagents in the same sensitivity range. Sample: 2-fold dilution series of HeLa whole cell
lysate (abcam®) from 2.5ug to 0.039 ug of total protein. Membrane: Trans-Blot® Turbo™

Mini Nitrocellulose Transfer Packs (Bio-Rad). Blocking: 2% ECL™
Blocking Agent (GE Healthcare) in PBS-T.

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