Circadian Clock

Circadian clock cellular signaling pathways regulate processes such as sleep, metabolism, and immune and endocrine function, and are controlled by both internal (cellular electrical activity) and external factors (such as light and temperature). These pathways have major influence on diseases such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes.
Focus Biomolecules offers biochemical tools to modulate the many different aspects of circadian function, including:
KL101 structure
KL101 | CRY1 stabilizer
TH301 | CRY2 stabilizer
SR-8278 | REV-ERBa agonist
GO289 | CK2 inhibitor
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Look to Focus for cutting-edge Cell Signaling reagents:

Stem Cells
Protein Phosphorylation
Ion Channels
STING & Innate Immunity
Mitochondrial Function
Nuclear Receptors
Ubiquitin / Proteasome
And more...
Cell Cycle
DNA Damage & Repair
Cellular Stress
Cancer Cell Metabolism
Lipid Signaling
Cell Trafficking
Gene Regulation
Cell Death

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